Why Choose Female Doctors Rockhampton?

When choosing a doctor in Rockhampton, does gender matter? It could be if the condition is a matter of life or death. A new study involving more than 580,000 patients with heart ailments that were admitted to emergency rooms over the past two decades discovered that mortality rates were lower for both men and women when the attending physician was female.

The study further found that male doctors treating women heart patients were seen as likely to survive. The findings of this study were further supported by a Harvard study involving more than 1.5 million Medicare patients that were hospitalised for 30 days.

The Harvard study stipulated that patients treated or readmitted for 30 days were less likely to die when they were treated by female doctors than their male counterparts.

These studies show meaningful differences in the way men and women practice medicine. In Rockhampton, disparaging male doctors is not the intent of the studies. Rather, the study is meant to empower patients to choose female doctors, Rockhampton who listen.

Why choose Female Doctors, Rockhampton

The ultimate goal of both male and female doctors, Rockhampton, is to save people’s lives. However, the edge female doctors, Rockhampton have over their male counterparts includes:

Open communication lines

One of the most important things heart patients need to have with their doctor is open communication lines. The symptoms of heart disease vary in men and women. For instance, chest pain is not always the symptom for women experiencing a heart attack. Often, chest pain is asked by a male doctor to arrive at a diagnosis.

Take time to explain

Bedside manner is very important when dealing with patients. A male physician would often not take the time to answer questions and explain things to the patient. This attitude could alienate patients wanting to know more about their diseases and the best ways to cure them.

Making the right diagnosis is important, but wanting to be heard and become a part of their health care is more important for many patients. A female doctor, generally, has more patience and time to explain things to their patients.

Provide a level of comfort

The results of the study should not be speculated and misunderstood. There are several reasons why female patients have better survival results when they are under the care of female doctors. It may be that talking to a female doctor provides patients with a level of comfort. Or it could be that being better communicators make female doctors quick at picking up unspoken cues from their patients than their male colleagues.

Female doctors seldom interrupt

Male doctors have a notorious reputation for constantly interrupting their patients. The interruption could be an effort to go back to the important issue to be discussed. A study has seen that it takes only 47 seconds for a male doctor to listen before interrupting while three minutes is the average score of female doctors before interrupting.

Often, an opportunity to tell their story is what patients need more than an outright discussion of their cases. While female doctors DO interrupt, they do it more gently. This tells patients that they are heard and understood. The implications of coping with the illness become easier for patients that feel they are heard and understood by their doctor.

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