Trendy 2020 Men’s Haircuts

Men’s haircuts have evolved over the years with 2020 seeing both new and updated hairstyles. Men’s personal expressions in 2020 have expanded into trendy men’s haircuts that have become relevant to their clothing trends as well.

However, taste, preference, and lifestyle of a man are still the dominant factor for the chosen hairstyle. Yet, whatever the choice men may go for, choosing wisely among the bounty of cool haircuts is the best way to create a personal statement.

High Fade

A distinctive and sharp look is achieved when the fade lies closer to the top. A crispier and cleaner skin exposed in the open makes this particular haircut stand out. It’s easier to style as well with the paired short top. The high fade look should only be handled by a good barber as the slightest mistake stands out.

Buzz Cut

One of the amazing, stylish, and simple haircuts for men is the buzz cut. The simple staple of the buzz cut is easy to style and maintain while making a man stand out in any setting. Tightly crimped or naturally curly hair is the best hair type for this hairstyle. Pairing the buzz cut with either a low or high fade easily makes a man look trendy and stylish.

Mid Fade

Hair tapering right below the temple is the best way to describe the mid fade men’s haircut. Men of all professions and passions find the classic, handsome, and smart style of the mid fade suitable. Men celebrities in music and sports were the ones that popularised this kind of hairstyle.

Low Fade

The gradual thinning of the hair from the sides to the top is what the low fade haircut is all about. The stylish, attractiveness, and versatility of the low fade haircut easily makes a man stand out without even trying. This is probably the reason why this hairstyle is considered as one of the best men’s haircuts.

High Taper

Thinning down the sides as the hair descends is the style of the high taper haircut. A plethora of taper choices ranging from abrupt high tapers to low tapers is the option provided to men. A stylish look is achieved with the abrupt high tapers while a sophisticated and classy look is provided by low tapers. Contrasting hair layers and textures provides men a versatile look suitable for all types of attire and setting.


A hairstyle that has withstood the course of time is considered an excellent one. The Caesar haircut, after its namesake, Julius Caesar has achieved this reputation over the millennia. The haircut has received a few modern changes such as pairing it with a good fade. The short horizontal fringe around the crown achieves a trendy and fashionable look when paired with a high-quality fade.

Side Part

The side part is a classic haircut that has come back with a loud bang ever since the movie, “Mad Men” happened. The hairline’s arches are the biggest consideration when it comes to the side part haircut. A balding section becomes more emphasized when the side is located on it. Whatever side is chosen, the side part is a haircut that makes men look masculine and sophisticated.

The type of haircut can make or break the overall look of a man. Learn more about the trendiest men’s haircuts 2020 by contacting Brisbane’s award winning barber shop.